Chris Fallows

The Art of Nature: Ocean and Air

Following a stunning Introduction to his work Chris has created a wonderful full-length feature event -The Art of Nature :Ocean and Air. This presentation showcases spectacular images of iconic species - Sharks, Dolphins, Whales, Seals , Albatros, Penguins from stunning locations including South Africa, New Zealand, Antarctica, South Georgia, Mexico, Argentina amongst others.

This event allows Chris , a passionate speaker to not only go into detail about his work, his vision, and his creativity for creating images but gives Wildlife lovers and photographers great insight into these remote parts of the world on many people's bucket lists.

It is undeniable that Chris's name will immediately and probably always be associated with the Iconic images of breaching "Great Whites" that have seen and admired worldwide and these will feature, but Chris has an affinity to many species and in this event he also focusses on birds and a particular love of the Wandering Albatross, photographed at close quarters in a once in a lifetime census as.

At Photography Experts we love bringing passionate photographers to a wide audience and Chris is full of passion as a speaker, we will also learn of the conservation thrust of his work something that all photographers can take inspiration from and put into their own work on subjects close to their own heart.

Having Chris available to answers audience questions is a great bonus please use the opportunity to pose your question such a giving Photographer.

A must watch event for all photographers and lovers of the natural world.

Chris and Monique Fallows in association with Photography Experts have generously ensured that 100% of the proceeds of your registration fee will go directly to the excellent work in the field of the charities WildAid and The University of Miami Shark Research and Conservation Program.

100% of all proceeds from the event go to Wildaid and The Shark Research and Conservation Unit at Miami University


Booking Details

6.30pm UK 8.30 PM South Africa

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