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"Mesmurizing Murmurations"

Jan van der Greef

Nature in all it's glory provides unbeliveable spectacles of joy to marvel at , to appreciate and of course to photograph.
In "Mesmerizing murmuration’s" Jan will take us into the magical world of starling flocks and their magical sky ballets near sunset.

Breath-taking choreographies appear when small groups join near their roosting side, while growing into a huge new organism.
Dynamic patterns of interconnectedness feel as the heart of the observed behaviour. Science just begins to touch the underlying self-organization principles. In addition, intuitive photography enables us to experience this phenomenon, sensing the essence of the indescribable interconnectedness of life.


As ever Jan will intertwine great images with fascinating stories of starlings with unique approaches to photograph starling murmuration’s creating reflections of the beauty of the natural world.

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29 March 2021 at 17:30:00


Booking Details

zoom 6.30pm Uk 7.30 CET

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