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Making a Business from Wildlife Photography

Making a Business from Wildlife Photography

David Tipling

By his late teens in the early 1980’s David had begun selling pictures but still needed a day job. All that changed when in 1988 he made his first trip to East Africa and took a picture that would soon start making more money every month than he was getting from his salary. This is the story of how David made that leap from day job to pro wildlife photographer. He has witnessed first hand the rise and fall of stock photography, managed a picture library for a decade, been the author or commissioned photographer for nearly 50 books and led over 200 tours. This talk is about the business of wildlife photography and how David has done it. He will show some of his key images, some of which have sold many hundreds of times and will explain why they have had such wide appeal.

Photography Experts bring you the very best photographers who excel at their craft but also deliver a top-quality Web presentation that is as entertaining as it is informative. In each presentation the Expert not only shares their stunning imagery with you but the detail of where and how the image was taken, they will give you their own personal insights on composition and settings not available anywhere else in this format.

We seriously recommend registration and participation in the live event for the chance to ask questions directly yourself or listen to the answers they give to other participants.

Only registrants to the live event will have access to the Q&A content as well as being given a 72 hour post event streaming of the event, so even if for some reason you are unable to attend you still get to see the full event.

Recordings are made available at a future date but without the premium content.


Booking Details

Coming soon.Presented on Zoom the live event will contain an added opportunity for Q&A.

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