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The Art Of Wildlife Photography Series

By Tom Way

My aim when writing ‘The Art Of Wildlife Photography’ series was to give people a very detailed and informative understanding of my mindset towards photography. By speaking in depth about how, where and why my photographs are taken, in turn I hope to help, encourage and inspire people with their own photographic journeys.

Initially when transferring my photographic mindset down onto paper and mapping out my presentation, I was looking for a clear and concise way of delivering my thoughts into a traditional 45-minute speakers slot. I could soon see that if I were to cover all of the fundamental aspects of my approach to photography it would have to be split over several parts.

Now each installment throughout the series provides not only a comprehensive insight to the main characteristics of my style but also my business model as a fine art wildlife photographer. By having a step-by-step strategy, I can present the integral aspects of my approach from the initial inception of a photograph, to then where I go and how I take that particular image. I can speak at length about what I look for in order for the photographs to succeed, all the way through to the importance of seeing the image come to life in print, with the final outcome of then selling and exhibiting.

I am pleased to be able to present this as my first series of talks on the Photography Experts Platform. When guiding any workshop or photographic safari my ethos is that the guests always come first and that everyone receives plenty of guidance and tuition to ensure they come away from the trip with the best possible photographs. Now through this series of online presentations I can hope to do the same and help aspiring photographers as much as possible. With part IV and V in the early conception phase, I look forward to continuing this series as the journey through the mindset continues.

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