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Photographing stunning landscapes is an art in itself. Landscape shots require an in-depth knowledge of sense of scale, and how best to utilize the right time of day to one’s advantage.

Few photo opportunities match the towering majesty of nature. The appeal of impossible rock formations, the breadth of seemingly endless beaches, and the ethereal quality of canopied forests never cease to stun even a well-seasoned landscape photographer.
Our Landscape Photography Talks & MasterClasses are a unique way to learn how to capture and create stunning landscape photographs. This is your opportunity to learn first-hand from the world's leading landscape photographers.


The recording of
"Creating Stunning Landscape Images"

A recording where Guy shares his passion and techniques on how to capture the beauty of the natural world, looking for the best light and most atmospheric conditions possible to capture the most atmosphere and drama in images often working on new techniques in order to produce a unique image.


Available to re-watch on Recordings
Aurora Borealis

AVAILABLE AS A STREAMED RECORDING - The Aurora Borealis, is one of the night skies most beautiful magical spectacles. Take a journey to the high arctic as Andy and Sarah showcase a number of their favourite images of the Northern Lights and what other opportunities lay in wait for those venturing to the northern regions.

Photography Experts is proud to work with award-winning photographers and up-and-coming artists from all over the world and to showcase exceptional photography. Our experts are some of the most gifted and inspirational visual artists working today. These celebrated, visual storytellers are admired for their artistic contribution to the photographic form as well as their technical brilliance, which has influenced and inspired photographers the world over. We work with them to give you an insight into their own journey, sharing their expertise and encouraging you to reach your creative potential. Contact us to enquire about a private booking.


Rachael Talibart


Steve Gosling


Ollie Taylor


Guy Edwardes

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