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Creating Stunning Fungi Images

Guy Edwardes

The World of Fungi photography is increasingly popular because it is accessible, addictive and recognised as a standalone subject in the most prestigious photography competitions in the World, with Guy Edwardes at the forefront of this creative genre. This feature on the subject and Guy's approach is highly recommended.

Through the presentation, Guy will show various examples of extraordinary images that you too can capture with his guidance and advice. Guy openly admits this subject is one of his absolute personal favourites, and as such, he pours his photographic passion into it. His field workshops on this subject are sold out for the next couple of years, so this is a great chance to access a real top Photographic Expert on this subject.


For those with a more serious interest in this subject, the event will also have an extra extended section at the end, introducing the details of Guy's four-part interactive Masterclass Course on the subject. 

We strongly recommend registration and participation in the live event for the chance to ask questions directly yourself or listen to the answers they give to other participants. 

Photography Experts brings you the very best photographers who excel at their craft and deliver a top-quality Web presentation that is as entertaining as it is informative. In each presentation, they share their stunning photography and the details of where and how they captured those images, sharing with you about how light fearlessly, gear up with purpose and compose artfully. 

Only registrants to the live event will have access to the Q&A content as well as a 72-hour post-event streaming of the event, so even if for some reason you are unable to attend, you still get to see the full event. Recordings are made available at a future date but without the premium content.

25 February 2021 at 19:30:00


Booking Details

7.30PM UK London via Zoom

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