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Bears of Kamchatka - Save The Day

Andy Parkinson

Andy has produced for us a fabulous presentation on photographing bears based on his experiences in the pristine wilderness of Kamchatka.For lovers of great photography, apex predators Bears especially and wonderous locations this will be a really great evening of information and entertainment.

The Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia’s Far East is the most spectacular destination that Andy has ever journeyed to. It is like stepping back in time, to an almost Jurassic landscape of towering, conical volcanoes, unbroken forests, and lakes and rivers that teem with an abundance of life.


Andy however  travels to Kamchatka for one species, and one species alone, the  enormous Kamchatka brown bear. It is the closest living relative of the  biggest brown bear on Earth, the Kodiak browns of southern Alaska, but  no place on Earth comes close to the rugged wilderness of Kamchatka.  Accessed only by helicopter it is the abundance of the bears that is  most jaw-dropping, and the proximity with which we are able to work.

Safety  is of course paramount, and Andy and his groups are always accompanied  by either one or two armed rangers, depending on the particular  location, but Kamchatka remains, for the time-being at least, a globally  unique destination for bear photography, unrivalled, unequalled and  unbeatable!

In this talk Andy will detail  exactly why this part of world is so special, and why maintaining  visitor numbers is so critical to the bears survival, and to the  protection of this remarkable wilderness. He will detail why he has been  able to produce such an immense, and varied body of work on this  species, and the challenges that living and working in such a remote and  inaccessible part of the world can create. He will explore different  shooting techniques, unusual but award-winning compositions, the  importance of perspective and backdrop and why Kamchatka is the epitome  of a once-in-a-lifetime destination.

The event is recorded and you will get a link to re-watch along with bonus material from our archives.

24 October 2022 at 18:30:00


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