Greg du Toit

The Masai Mara - A Sojourn on Africa's Greatest Plain Copy

Every year a lucky few join Greg on his Signature Masai Mara Predator Photo Safaris. The “Mara” draws photographers from all over the world but how does one of the world's best approach this most photo rich environment to seek out those images that stand out from the rest. In a highly personal insight join Greg who has been visiting the region extensively for nearly two decades on 'A soujourn across the plains', taking you on a journey across Kenya’s famed Masai Mara. This presentation exclusively for Photography Experts is an illustrated progression of a top photographic artist’s work in one of Africa's top photography destinations. Greg will be sharing his watershed moments, all illustrated through his imagery, and will help you gain insight into not just one of the world’s top wildlife meccas, but also into how a professional wildlife photographer approaches such a veritable buffet of photographic opportunities.
Whether doing a photographic safari to Africa is on your bucket-list, or whether you are already a regular visitor to the Masai Mara - this is an event talk not to be missed.


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