Tina Korhonen

Music Photography - Making it as a Professional

In this introduction to making it as a professional Music Photographer you will gain first-hand knowledge into what being a music photographer really means with some fun and memorable stories, and tales from the dark side too. Tina will guide you through how to photograph a live music event, the minimum gear you need for live photography, what you should avoid, how to get a permission to shoot, dealing with the crowd and gig etiquette. It will also include Tina’s best and worst gig experiences - all part of the learning. The presentation will then focus on all aspects of everyday life of a music and portrait photographer and making a living out of your passion.

Themes in this talk include: how to shoot in low light, gear requirements, advice on finding clients, protecting your images and copyright, editing, picture agencies, charging, invoicing, selling your images, practical tips and everyday life as a professional photographer.

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