Guy Edwardes

An Introduction to Guy Edwardes

We invite you to see and hear from Guy Edwardes an internationally acclaimed professional landscape and nature photographer for over 25 years. Guy's career began straight after graduating from a Degree in photography, following various courses studying nature conservation. Based in Dorchester, England his passion is to capture the beauty of the natural world in the best light and the most atmospheric conditions possible.

His images are marketed worldwide by several leading photographic agencies, including Nature PL and Alamy. He also manages his own library of over 250,000 images. Guy’s work has been published by a wide variety of advertising and editorial clients around the globe. He is the author of two successful photographic books “100 ways to take better landscape photographs” and “100 ways to take better nature and wildlife photographs”. Guy was also part of a team of photographers involved in 2020VISION, a project set up to highlight ecosystem deterioration and to inspire the public to help preserve valuable wildlife habitats and landscapes in the UK.

Quoted as saying “Wherever I’m working I try to capture atmosphere and drama in my images. I also try to capture subjects in new ways, often working on new techniques in order to produce a unique image. Living in South West England I have a variety of beautiful landscapes and interesting habitats right on my doorstep and many of my most successful images have been taken right here". Guy's professional work takes him to some of the world’s most spectacular landscape and wildlife locations, such as; Costa Rica, Ecuador, Iceland, Africa and many countries in Europe.

Guy will be introducing us to his forthcoming presentations where he will be explaining many of the techniques that he uses for capturing atmospheric and engaging images of the natural world – both landscape and wildlife.

He will speak about how he plans a shoot to increase his chances of success and will show some of the equipment he uses, explaining how it benefits his photography and including examples of field-based techniques. Guy will also touch on his post-processing in Lightroom and Photoshop.

We will learn his process for ensuring front to back sharpness in landscape images as well as how he handles high contrast landscape scenes, both in the field and on the computer.

Guy has a wealth of topics and will speak about his recent interest in astro-landscape photography, and the spectacular macro images he creates.

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