Federico Veronesi

Fine Art photographer

Federico is one of the most sought after Fine Art Photographers and safari guides working in Africa today He has extensive first-hand knowledge on behaviour of many animals including Leopards, Lions, Cheetahs and Elephants and of course the elusive Caracal - very few people in the world have followed and studied wild Caracals as much as he has done.

One to One

Request to book a mentoring program or a bespoke 1-2-1 session with Federico. This is a very personalised experience learning from a passionate photographer how to improve your photography through portfolio critiques and how to develop your own style from his advice.


A selected times Federico will hold small group Masterclass courses for invited people all looking to push their photography to the highest level. Limited to small groups giving you a detailed insight into his approach to creating stunning Fine Art Images.

Fine Art

If you are looking for something special from Federico's portfolio a pre-booked consultation through Photography Experts to discuss with him your personal requirements is the ultimate way to ensure a totally unique piece of Artwork crafted for you.

Upcoming Events

Inspirational Africa

This presentation is an exceptional event where Federico Veronesi delves deep into his photographic inspiration and signature style for creating some of the most iconic African Wildlife Imagery. This unique insight will centre on the lighting and colours of the dramatic scene he witnessed and collated in his epic portfolio "Light and Dust".

Video on Demand

Video Camera Lens

Enquiries & Bookings

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