Jan van der Greef

Fine Art Wildlife Photographer

Jan van der Greef is a highly inspirational and motivational speaker, with a depth of presence.
All of Jans talks are hugely interesting and inspiring combining thought-provoking concepts intertwined with sublime image-making .

Signature Talks

Fluttering Wings, Deep Connection

Coming soon as a streamed video on demand. From the wondrous images of Monarch Butterflies to the compelling tale of the Quetzel Jan gives an inspiring presentation.

The Gathering - Introducing Jan Van Der Greef

Available as a complimentary video streaming from our Video Channel the hugely popular introduction of Jan Van Der Greef on the Photography Experts Platform

Evolution of beauty and wholeness, rethinking Darwin

The role of beauty and connection is the red thread while traveling through China and Sumatra searching for unique members of the pheasant family among them the legendary Great Argus

Reflections of the Inner Self

Available as a streamed video from our Video on Demand store on OUR EVENTS PAGE. This talk taken from the book Reflections of the Inner Self: Dream and Visions of Nature, Jan immerses you on a passage to moments of oneness.

Limitless Life: Feathers of Seduction

Available now as a Streamed video on our Video on Demand Channel on OUR EVENTS This is the first in a series of talks taken from Jan's evocative and inspirational book, Limitless Life: The Power of Passion and Imagination

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