David Tipling

World Renowned Bird Photographer

David Tipling is one of the World’s most widely published wildlife photographers renowned for his artistic images of birds. His many accolades include a coveted European Nature Photographer of the Year Award (2002) for work on Emperor Penguins, and in North America, Nature’s Best Indigenous Peoples Award (2009) for his pictures of Mongolian eagle hunters. David is an accomplished presenter, his talks are always educational and thought provoking.


Book online one-to-one, mentoring delivered by David for the ultimate advice on developing your own photography style. This unique opportunity is all about David sharing insight in a manner tailored to suit your own needs.


David is a highly acclaimed speaker. If you would like him to present for your organisation please schedule a pre-booking consultation, with Photography Experts to discuss your requirements for a private group talk or presentation.

Group Talks

In a David Tipling Masterclass you can expect to be one of only a very select few receiving the most detailed practical information possible. Aimed at those serious in pushing their photography to new levels or wanting to get into the business


Creative Bird Photography Group 2

A course specially designed and crafted by David Tipling to introduce to and inspire your photography by using "Visual Thinking" in your approach to Bird Photography learning from an accomplished professional the higher level use of light, composition, and field techniques to take better photos.

Creative Bird Photography

This course is now fully subscibed

Signature Talks

David Tipling

In 2016 David joined a once a decade expedition circum-navigating South Georgia to census Wandering Albatross colonies. Over a month the team visited 28 colonies at sites few people have ever visited.

David Tipling

By his late teens, David had begun selling pictures but still needed a day job. All that changed in 1988 when ha picture he took in East Africa began earning him more income than he was getting from his monthly salary.

David Tipling

David Tipling's fabulous and inciteful inaugural talk on Photography Experts "A Life Photographing Birds " is now available to be viewed on our video channel on the OUR EVENTS page

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