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Alex Mustard wrote the Reboot course during 2020 and presented it live and interactive for 7 groups of photographers during 2021. The live Reboot course cost £245 GBP. In 2024, Alex refreshed and updated the Reboot materials and made these master recordings, which are now available for £95 for 5 years of unlimited online access.
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The full Reboot Course costs £95 GBP for 5 years of unlimited access. Buy here.
You can also choose to buy the Reboot Course with recordings of all of Alex’s Photography Experts content, which includes Reboot On Blur, Reboot On WAM, Reboot: The Photographer’s Mindset, The Big Switch and Selecting For Success for £125 GBP for 5 years of access. Buy here.
Alumni of the original Reboot Courses from 2021 can buy access to the updated Reboot course for just £35 GBP for 5 years. Rebooters - please contact Photography Experts for this very special offer.

As always, if you have questions or need help, please contact

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