Chris Fallows

Fine Art Photographer -Conservation Champion

World-renowned wildlife photographer and authority on Great white sharks.
Internationally Exhibited Fine Art Photographer.

One to One

Chris is so giving of his time and knowledge, sharing his passion for leaving a positive mark on the world with like-minded people and photographers worldwide, a 1-2-1 with Chris is uplifting, insightful, and inspirational to any conservationist or photographer.

Corporate Presentations

Event organisers looking for something extra special contact Chris her to book a personalised private presentation for your group or corporate event, Chris is a passionate and eloquent speaker on the most pressing matters facing the planet today.

Fine Art Masterclass

This really is the ultimate in mentoring that any aspiring Fine Art Photographer can imagine, a unique and exclusive bespoke session with Chris Fallows to discuss in-depth, with a expert, how to transform your work to the very top level.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

The Art of Nature : Earth

Chris turns his attention to the creatures of the Earth and has created a wonderful full-length feature event packed with iconic images and great backstories -. This presentation showcases spectacular images of iconic species - Elephants in Amboseli and of course the apex predators lion , leopard and Cheetah

Signature Talks

Video on Demand

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